AirPods as hearing aids…Eureka!

AirPods as hearing aids…Eureka!

A while back I remember posting on the platform recently screwed over by Musky Xhole, how great it would be if Apple turned AirPods into hearing aids.

Turns out they have and after trying it, I can tell you it works great on my second-generation AirPods Pro.

It has been a while since I heard the satisfying click of my Apple Magic Keyboard while typing. I realized that I missed it, probably due to my moderate hearing loss.

I discovered this information on, which I highly recommend by the way. Specifically, I read an article by Gary Knight. The best part was that the process he described enabled me to capture a photo of my recent audiogram (hearing test results), verify it, and apply it to my settings. This was a brilliant solution!

Here’s the shortcut screenshot:



I am thrilled with the results so far and eagerly anticipate going for a walk tomorrow.

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